Updated USS Daedalus

I made some updates to the details on my USS Deadalus model before displaying it at Oz Comic-Con recently. Here are the photos!

My next project

Yet another remake of an earlier model, my next project is the Valdore from Star Trek: Nemesis. I have always loved the design of the ship. This new model will be huge, and I have only just started. Looking forward to doing more work on it.

The first Starship Enterprise

I know its been a long while, but I have still been building. Sadly I had to dismantle the Enterprise-E, but to be honest, I wasn’t entirely happy with it. However, I am happy with this Enterprise! And there are a few more projects in the works!

It’s finally finished!

I’ve finally finished my Deadalus-class Battlecruiser from Stargate. It is probably my fifth or sixth attempt! This ship was my first sci-fi Lego creation many years ago. Here a few preview photos!

A true MOC

This creation is one of the few creations I have designed myself, and i believe the only custom creation I have posted online. I designed it on paper first and worked through a few designs before constructing it out of Lego. The design is strong and it can be wielded to an extent. It also…

Helping YOU build

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a huge update to the blog – you’ve probably noticed that it looks a bit different. I am excited to talk about how the update isn’t just about how the blog looks. I have added a new component called ‘Helping YOU build’ and its about…


Hi everyone, The reason for the lack of posts lately has been that I’ve been a bit unwell and have lots of school commitments. Still I have added lots of details to my Star Trek 12 Enterprise NCC-1701. I’m hoping that when I see the movie on Friday I will be inspired to make some…

My new Reimagined Enterprise NCC-1701

In the end I have decided to completely rebuild my Star Trek 11/12 Enterprise NCC-1701. It is a slightly smaller scale but more accurate. Still a work in progress!

“Dare to Dream”

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted anything. I simply haven’t had time to build, but I do have a hefty amount of material for The Last Journey and will be posting it as I edit it. I’ve found a few of the missing pieces of my old Enterprise from Star Trek…

The Last Journey

I’ve decided to add a huge new component to the blog- Star Trek: The Last Journey. It will be a Fan Fiction piece that I will be updating regularly. Here’s the blurb: “The Last Journey is an epic tale of courage, weakness, sacrifice, life and death. Old Heroes will fall. New ones will be born…

The Avengers Lego

Here is my new Avengers Lego video as promised. I’d also like to mention a new page I will be adding. It is going to be a video page – with all of my Lego videos in one place on the blog. Nonetheless if you’re a fan of my videos please subscribe to  my youtube…